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When you go to there web site just to look, then you decided to leave, they use a pop up and say please don't leave we will give you 300 free bids. So you register with them and come to find out they hit your checking account up for $150.00.

When I found out they hit me for $150.00 I called them and requested a refund and that I felt I was done wrongly, I was told so sorry so sad to bad.

They are in my opinion scam artist. I dont plan on bidding onn that cite al all.

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We have done nothing wrong and we don't need to take this lying down. File complaints at the sites given above by some body.

AND dispute the charge on your credit card.

Their credit card processing fees will go up. If we purchased why were we not presented a receipt ?


They are a statistics based scam company that are misrepresenting themselves as selling off so-called "surplus goods". They fact of the matter they are using the oldest scam in the book, used by carnival and circus gaming artist everywhere.

It is squarely a numbers game! This would be fine however they are NOT telling people upfront that this is a GAMING site sort of like a lottery. The fact that they show in their pictures Warehouses chock full of items to be auctioned off as a surplus site misleading, as they only have a few items. This is a gaming site based on how many suckers they can *** into bidding on the one or two good items.

Additionally, they have artificial intelligence for agents that tell you everything is 100% refundable, but, try and get your money back is another story! SCAM!


I got more info for people who was scammed by

1) Did give you a receipt for your purchase? If not then they violated the merchants agreement with the credit card issuers.

2) Did they provide a real street address (not email) for communications? If not then they violated the merchants agreement with the credit card issuers.

3) The signup page is legally flawed. A person CANNOT sign up for a 'site'.

4) Speedybuys has taken great effort to conceal their real location. Nowhere on their site is a physical address given. Also, their 'GoDaddy' domain registration is 'private' meaning the real owner and address is concealed. Does that inspire confidence? Let the credit card folks know about these violations. You'll have your money back quickly.

Speedybuys IP:

Address: 1507 7th st, Santa Monica, Ca. 90401



Legitimate businesses do not operated with the "Live and Learn" motto. If fact most believe in the customers is always right and have 100% money back guarantees.

Now the frauds and scammers operate like SPEEDYBUYS. I was one of the original consumers that was taken buy this company. The more I have investigated them I have found many signs of fraud that is occurring right on their webpage. For instance they are reselling WalMart gift cards which is against WalMarts policy.

I saw a $100 WalMart gift card go for $40 on Speedybuys.

$40 means 4000 penny bids @ .50 a bid which equals a $2000 take by Speedybuys. This is Fraud!!


It happened to me too. I've been e-mailing and calling them for the last two days.

No luck so far. I never saw where it would charge $l49 to "buy" bids. I never would have signed up for it. I really cannot afford the charge.

I found it strange to have to enter your credit card before bidding, but I was curious.

You know the old saying. I'm dead.


If it sounds too good to be true, it is a scam, so run as fast as you can. Don't be a sucker!


Sorry this happened to you but thanks for the warning. You have prevented others from getting scammed.


Dave, I did read it. However when I decided to leave the site and not sign up, a pop up appeared and said they would give me 300 free bids.

What did I have to loose? So I signed up thinking that they would only charge my credit card for winning bids.

Found out thyat my 300 free bids cost me $150.. They are scam artist


I agree with you this is a bad deal, however, you went ahead and filled out the registration which consisted of your bank card information, correct?

What were you thinking? Live and learn, thats all u can do my friend.



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