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Sorry but this going to be a long winded explanation.

Speedybuys, SwipeAuctions, Swipebids(?), are all Connected. As far as I can tell these sites are all some how related. They are all fraudulent. The "newspaper" AD Memphis Gazette which writes about getting 100 free bids for signing up at these sites is also a fraud. There is NO actual Memphis Gazette. Their use of various outlets such as AOL, FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, Memphis Gazette etc. approving of them is also bogus.

I originally signed up at SpeedyBuys after reading about them in the so called "Memphis Gazette". The "Memphis Gazette" wrote that if you signed up with SpeedyBuys you could get 100 free bids. No where did it state you had to buy anything or you'd be charged for anything. When I signed up at SpeedyBuys, no where did it mention that I was going to charged for anything. I looked around on the site as far as could without signing up and saw nothing indicating a charge, let alone $149.00.

I thought I was putting up my credit card, in good faith, for future purchases, like is done with many other sites. I did not actually think I was buying or authorizing a purchase. I never received a receipt for my "purchase". Had the site indicated I was buying something, I would not have completed the transaction as I did not even have $149.00 clearance on my credit card. In fact, I only had $74.50 clearance on my credit card, so they actually settle on just robbing me for that amount and still gave me 300 bids plus the 100 "feebies".

SpeedyBuys has since changed their site to say you are buying $149.00 worth of bids (300) and will get the 100 free. This statement was not on the original site that I signed up with. I would not have made a purchase since I knew I didn't even have $149.00 clearance on my credit card. I certainly would not have spent my last $75 bucks on an auction site.

The fact that they only took what they could from my credit card until it was maxed out instead of declining the purchase is also really interesting. It suggests that they will take what ever they can get their hands on. I think they didn't decline my purchase because they didn't want me to know I was making a purchase.

I went back to the Memphis Gazette ad to reread it. Low and behold, it now reads that you can get the 100 free bids ON signup at a different site called SwipeAutions. All the same BS remained about the auction site being so great was still there but it was saying these things about a site called SwipeAuctions.

I went to the site SwipeAuctions web site. Here is where I found my proof of what I originally signed up for. Again it did not mention that you were buying anything, just like the original Speedybuy scam that has since changed their site to reflect a more honest approach.

I was going to print out all the web sites as proof of what they were doing but the sites would not print at all. Not sure if I was doing something wrong with the printing but I don't think so. So, it was a hassle but I went back to each site and did screen picts of each site.

Interestingly, the SwipeAuction site said they were doing business as BidHustle with a very weird address which I'm assuming is bogus cause it wasn't a US address. Not sure what it is.

I will be submitting all of this to my credit card company who originally called me to ask me if I authorized the purchase. This is when I found out this is all a scam because I didn't know I actually purchased anything until they notified me.

I will also be contacting my local BBB (Wisconsin), the Santa Monica, CA BBB (SpeedyBids original address:

1507 7th St, Santa Monica, Ca. 90401, this might also be bogus). I will also be contacting a local TV station and my local newspaper (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA) to see if they want the details so they can warn others.

I think this will continue with the Memphis Gazette ad and new bogus web sites to sucker people into the scam. Once they have robbed enough people, then they make the site "relatively" honest and start with a new name at the Memphis Gazette and anywhere else they are advertising this scam. The fact remains that none of us have a legitimate receipt for our non-purchases. I'm not sure if any of us that have been Swiped will be reimbursed but we can do our best to warn others.

I might also contact some legitimate auction sites and let them know about this fraud. They may be interested in bringing these fraud sites down because in the long run it is going to hurt their sites too. I think because people will be leery of using any auction sites if this continues.

Each day they change their "newspaper" AD Memphis Gazette promotion code ending date out a few more days. Current promo:

Use promo "swipe100ex " to get 100 bonus bids on signup! (note how it says on signup, NOT on purchase)

Promo Code Expires: Monday, September 20, 2010

If I find out additional info, I will post at this site. I'm pissed, been robbed, broke and have a lot of time on my hands. A dangerous combo.


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Today I received the reply on the complaint I filed with Bank of America on Price Shuffle back in Dec. 2010..the bank only asked for information on the phone.

I backed this up by going to the branch and talked to the manager about it. Never was told to send copies of all e-mails I sent to PriceShuffle claims I agreed to pay the 149.75 when in fact no price was ever mentioned. It said to register for bonus free 200 bids to start the bids to see how easy it was...but to give credit card and address for shipping products won.

AND they sent fake comments how much fun their site is..and BOFA fell for it and said I would not receive the 149.75 back. Now the letter was dated March 4, 2011..postal date March 7, 2011 from BOFA, I received it on the 10th..and it if I wanted to dispute it further..

"to supply a detailed updated written statement to address all aspects of's rebuttle and include documents to support your claim. If this documentation is received prior to March 14, 2011, your claim MAY BE reconsidered ". I am all set to rip the bank apart, when in fact they never asked for ANY documentation or even a letter..I had even asked them if they wanted copies of the site and was told NO.

Prior to the 14th means by the 13th.

From Florida to Arizona in 3 days or less will not happen...So in the morning I will be making some nasty calls... Now I am dealing with a scam online site and a bank that well understands what fraud is..need I say more?


Memphis Gazette now promoting XBids. Same scam.

Avoid it like the plague. Report it to your credit card company and local BBB. Wherever their ad pops up, report it to the primary website as a scam.

Let your local newspaper and TV station know. Nothing better than consumer power.


Glad I did some research and read about scam sites like and not getting sucked in. Like the old saying goes, "If it sounds too good to be true, etc.". That was what caused me to be suspicious and sure enough, there were overwhelming negative comments expressed about the same experiences encountered.

#212328 scam website is owned by:

Marat Nigmatzyanov

10625 Tuppence Court





(240) 813-5148


You can add another penny auction to the list, I am at war with the company and have so far, gotten $50 back and have been notified that the remainder ($99.75) will be credited to my credit card. It's taken a week, 8 email messages and threats to get this far.

We'll see if it happens or not.


The same *** is still being spread, through side banner ads on a major front page / webmail-type site (my lawyer says that such a scam is probably violently defended by bottom feeding lawyers, so he says to just say that it's also an Internet Provider owned by a major publisher) which references a different 'auction' company (could well change daily or more frequently). The scam seems to use as the address today, which then shows some relationship with the fictitious 'memphisgazette'

The disclaimer should have been enough for the major webservice to have rejected the ads...

"*It is important to note that this site and the comments/answers depicted above is to be used as an illustrative example of what some individuals have achieved with this service. This website, and any page on the website, is based loosely off a true story, but has been modified in multiple ways including, but not limited to: the story, the photos, and the comments. Thus, this page, and any page on this website, are not to be taken literally or as a non-fiction story. This page, and the results mentioned on this page, although achievable for many, are not to be construed as the results that you will achieve on the same routine. I UNDERSTAND THIS WEBSITE IS ONLY ILLUSTRATIVE OF WHAT CAN BE ACHIEVABLE FROM USING THIS SERVICE, AND THAT THE STORY/COMMENTS DEPICTED ABOVE IS NOT NECESSARILY THE RESULTS I WILL HAVE."

While an individual user might miss such a statement (which in summary says "everything here should be assumed to be a lie"), the Webservice selling the ads to channel4newstoday / memphisgazette should have paid attention and checked further!


thank you for this info! We went to a site called Bidhere yesterday ad we got 1 free bid chip.

We didn' give our credit card info-- was a bit suspicous.

This evening we saw the Memphis Gazette ad when we googled it and found it to be jst an advertisement for another site. We came here from google next and we are certaily glad we did.

Thank you for this

Tim and Treva


I saw the article from the Memphis Gazette on the MSNBC news page, so I thought it was legitimate. I read that I would receive 100 bonus bids if I signed up by 9/18/10.

I went to the SwipeAuction sight and signed up and entered my credit card information, assuming I would be charged if I had a winning bid. They charged my card $159, plus a $1.59 international fee. I demanded my $ back on live chat and was emailed a refund receipt. The charge remains on my card.

I called my credit card company and I had to close my credit card account and I am disputing the charge.

I also, just found out that there is no such newspaper as the Memphis Gazette. It is all bogus.


Thanks for the post. I was about to fall for it.


I got coned too, by But I demanded them to refund my $159.

They said they would refund my money (have e-mail confirmation) but haven't received the money yet.

You should demand your money back, without the paper work (because they took your money without your signature on paper). Don't let them get away.

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